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The Whole Room Diffuser is the perfect solution to add your scent without humidity and Essential oils to your restrooms and livingspaces with little hassle. Operating with the latest cold air diffusion technology, the Restroom's atomizer preserves the therapeutic properties of the essential oil based aroma oils spreading the microparticles evenly through a space up to 1,00 Sq Ft. The built-in fan allows for efficient coverage of large spaces and the various nozzles allows for specific targeted flow of the oil mist. The intelligent and programmable timer provides the ultimate level of control, programing on a weekly timer that allows for up to four unique operating periods to best for your scenting schedule.


It is battery operated, allowing for you to perfectly place the unit for the best distribution of the scent.

Our Aroma Whole Room Essential & Fragrance Oil Diffuser

SKU : 680306812301
    • Easily program the unit

    • Intelligent system that can be programmed to run specific cycles and times of the day

    • Nano-Room temperature atomization technology diffuses scent without the need for heat

    • Ideal for spaces upto 400 Sq ft

    • 5 Year Warranty

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