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Pet Products

OVER $25

Man's Best Friend deserves to the treated that way! Aroma creates a solution to managing your pet's scent and hygiene.

With All-Natural Ingredients, your best friends will be safe from harsh chemicals while you can relax with their fresh scents!

Boy and Dog Eating Pasta



  • 100% Natural and Organic!

  • No sulfates. No preservatives. No chemicals.

  • Scented with Essential Oils

  • Undiluted Recipes give you true benefits of the ingredients

  • First tested on humans, then used on pets

Dog Wash

All-Natural Pet Perfume

Our pets like us sweat! Their bodies are processing food and activity, excreting a scent that we may find undesirable.

They may mess on themselves or step in something outside. Give them a fresh scent when they come inside with Aroma's Pet Perfume!

Dog Dressed as Butterfly
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