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Our Aroma is a Natural Scenting Company!


We scent

Aroma's Dog Wash Shampoo & Conditioner is blended with Mint and Grapefruit Essential Oil for a shiny coat and Cucumber to cool any irritated skin. Our recipe contains only natural non chemical cleansing agents and will safely and naturally cleanse your dogs skin and coat. 



  • Cucumber
  • Mint
  • Grapefruit


Product Qualities

  • pH of 4.5 
  • Bio-degradable  
  • Tearless Formula
  • Low Rinse Formula is safe for plants

Our Aroma Citrus Shine All Natural Dog Wash 16 Oz

SKU : 990002
  • - Purified Water

    - Decyl Glucoside

    - Lauryl Betaine 

    - Bees Wax

    - Aloe Vera

    - Citric Acid

    - Phenonxyethanol

    - Benzoic Acid

    - Dehydroacetic Acid

    - Honey

    - Essential Oil

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