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repair your hands

bokke balm uses essential oils
to penetrate your skin and repair from the inside out!

  • Bokke Balm is a Herbal and Moisturizing Balm that moisturizers dry, cracked hands and feet.

  • The Essential oils used in the recipe are therapeutic grade and are highly effective at healing, relieving and repairing extremely dry, cracked skin. Our product does MORE than just moisturize.

  • The Bees Wax used in the product creates a protective layer on the skin’s surface ensuring no further moisture loss.

  • The active ingredients get working right away, and you will feel the difference in 1-2 days of advised use.

  • Bokke Balm is not a petroleum based product and so doesn't leave your hands oily and slippery.

  • The Bokke Cream can be used in conjunction with the Bokke Balm to build moisture levels while still repairing with the Essential Oils.

"this product is amazing"
jennifer strock

repair your hands

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